Proper Flooring Preparation Is Key

Proper Flooring Preparation Is Key

Trust our concrete floor surface preparation experts in the Orlando, FL region

Want to make sure your new flooring surface looks flawless and lasts a long time? You should let Etched-In-Stone Designs handle your project, including the necessary concrete preparation steps. We'll use professional equipment to get your floors ready for some amazing upgrades. Reach out to us today to ask about our concrete floor surface preparation options in the Orlando, FL area.

Learn about our various preparation capabilities

We know all about proper concrete preparation methods, so you're sure to get superior results from us. Depending on your project, you can count on us to complete:

  • Concrete floor prep for coating
  • Concrete floor prep for staining
  • Concrete surface prep for resurfacing

You'll be amazed at the difference thorough concrete floor surface preparation can make. Call us now at 407-967-8448 discuss our methods with a local specialist.