Ready To Revamp Your Concrete Floors?

Ready To Revamp Your Concrete Floors?

Get interior concrete polishing services in the Orlando, FL area

Plain concrete floors can make your interior feel drab and cold. Instead of settling for regular concrete, you should get interior concrete polishing services from Etched-In-Stone Designs. We help all kinds of clients in the Orlando, FL area by polishing concrete floors. You're sure to love the look of your custom floors when we finish concrete polishing.

What to expect during your polishing appointment

You can count on our interior concrete polishing experts to operate in an efficient and skillful manner. In order to perform concrete polishing, we:

  • Utilize different grades of diamond abrasives to refine the surface
  • Add custom patters, borders, logos or other designs
  • Stain and chemically harden the surface
  • Polish the floor until the desired luster is achieved

We've been polishing concrete floors for decades, so we're confident we can give you the results you're looking for. Get in touch with us today to arrange for concrete polishing services.