Etched-In-Stone Designs 
Decorative Concrete Surfaces
Great Looks Salon Multicolor Acid Stain         Our "Stained" Floors offers a variegated, mottled, marbled, or solid colored decorative option for your concrete. We offer many variations on this theme, and every floor is unique. We offer our clients Reactive Acid Chemical Stains, Water Reducable Stains, Acrylic Stains, Acetone Based Dye, as well as various Pigmented Sealer and Antique options to augment their options.


Inlaid Concrete


Our "Engraved & Inlaid" Floors offer unlimited designs and unique textures for Interior Floors. Unlike a stenciled floor, the design is actually carved or engraved into the stained floor. You can decide whether you prefer to leave the engraving left at a depth between 1/8" and 3/8" to form a recessed grout line, or to have the carving filled with a variety of fillers including integral colored concrete, colored epoxies, or colored grout. Either way, the effects can be stunning

Stonewood floor


Our "Stonewood" floors can be installed into a smooth polished concrete surface, or into a textured and grained overlay to simulate a more rustic finish. From our Heart of Pine plank floors, to our Mahogany floors, each one is warm and inviting in their natural beauty. Unlike real wood, no trees are harmed! We can recreate nearly any wood finish including tropical Ebony, Cherry, or Oak at a fraction of the cost without the environmental impact, and our floors will never warp or buckle no matter how wet they get! Want a wood deck on your patio or lanai? We can also integrate our "Stonewood" with stone, tile, or both to create intricate patterns and designs unlike any you have ever seen.

Hand cut Cobblestone with Stone Border




Our "Cut Stone" offers so much variety, and our specialized tooling allows us to cut nearly any size stone, block, brick, or slate design right into your existing concrete floor, deck, or driveway. We offer: Roman Stone, Cobblestone, Brick, Random Stone, Fieldstone, Ashlar Slate, River Rock, and just about any combination of them all for a fraction of the cost of these traditional materials when installed in your existing concrete surface. Plus, there is no need to worry about shifting stones or grass growing in the seams.