Etched-In-Stone Designs 
Decorative Concrete Surfaces

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Born from a desire to create one of a kind hand crafted hardscapes at realistic prices, the technologies of the Decorative Concrete Industry are married together in harmony to achieve the desired finish of an "Etched-In-Stone" Design for our clients. Whether you prefer a silky smooth polished finish, a natural stone texture, a rustic wood floor finish, or any combination of them all, we have developed a process that is as permanent as it is beautiful. The difference is, our wood will never buckle or warp, our stone and pavers will never grow grass in the grout lines, and our finishes will not require the environmental impact of cutting forests or mining stone. Our wood and stone floors cost roughly half of the real thing, and we're talking just the cost of the material, forget the labor to install them! 

For those clients looking for inexpensive and beautiful ways to enhance their living spaces, as well as those clients who need the most durable finishes in high traffic areas, our staining and engraving process for existing concrete creates the highest quality, easiest to clean, and least expensive option available. Rather than lay tile, wood, or stone, we color and faux finish your existing concrete, then "cut" realistic grout lines right into the concrete. No messy grout to discolor or come out, and if you want any size tile you can imagine, no problem! How about mahogany floors with inlaid marble, or tile with an elegant stone border engraved with a grapevine motif for your kitchen? Got an idea... just let us know! 

Looking to remodel what you already have? Etched-In-Stone Designs can reseal your acrylic decking and use our Engraving equipment to change the entire look of your deck. This budget option is increasingly popular for our clients who have spray deck that was installed when their home or pool was first built, and now would like to make it more decorative or add "curb appeal" to a home they are looking to sell.